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If, like most of us, you are not good at visualizing how potential changes in your landscaping will actually look, Aardweg Landscaping offers a great option that allows you to look at a photographic image of the intended result.  Aardweg Landscaping offers state-of-the-art landscape design photo imaging technology that will create a realistic visual image from a digital picture of your house, front yard or backyard garden area.

Our popular photographic imaging technology enables us to take ‘Before’ photographic images of virtually any areas in your garden and create ‘After’ images that give you a clear idea of what you will actually see:

aardweg-landscaping-image-designs-front-yard-formal-garden-philadelphia-main-line-beforeBefore: This client wanted a new garden in the front with a formal design. Our image manipulation program allows you (and us) to feel comfortable about where we are going in the design process! No more guessing about what symbols on plans mean, and what it will look like when the project has been completed.

aardweg-landscaping-image-designs-front-yard-formal-garden-philadelphia-main-line-afterAfter: With a little conversation and questions from both parties, an overall concept is arrived at. Much of the guesswork in the design process is eliminated by the generation of photographic imaging. This is how we work with ensure that you get you what you want!

No more looking at a detailed two dimensional drawing of a landscape plan, trying to visualize the design, and literally guessing about whether or not you will like it! With photo imaging you can see an actual image that highlights the color, composition, scale, and layering of plant materials. The beautiful shrubs, flowers and trees are all carefully selected and arranged to suit your tastes and your landscape.

The process begins with a complimentary onsite consultation with Aardweg Landscaping principal designer Stephen T. Aardweg, APLD. We visit with you, discuss your landscaping challenges and goals, and determine the direction of the design process. We establish whether or not you are interested in a photographic image design, or whether an alternative drawing option would be more appropriate. For customers interested in photographic imaging, we select those garden areas to address. Digital imagery is charged at $100 per photographic image composition.  Front yard or back yard designs often require two or three photographic images to communicate the design.

aardweg-landscaping-image-designs-philadelphia-main-line-beforeBefore: The client had a very sunny, hot and unused area off the garage. We proposed the patio/arbor combination below with surrounding gardens. Plus a new fence and gate to make the entry to the back yard a lot more attractive.

aardweg-landscaping-image-designs-philadelphia-main-line-afterAfter: Patio/arbor combination with surrounding gardens. We proposed this idea in the winter of 2011 and built it in the summer of 2012. The finished product can be viewed in our portfolio in "Hardscapes and Outdoor Rooms". As you will see, the finished product differed considerably from the image, yet adhered to the concept. This is frequently the case in order to accomodate budgets and changes initiated by the client or the designer while onsite. Flexibility is a critical issue in design.

Photographic imaging helps our customers visualize the final design and gives them an actual picture of the selection, composition, scale, and layering of the plants. Our photo imaging helps you avoid costly mistakes as you fine-tune the design to your tastes and preferences before installation begins. The images realistically show trees, shrubs, groundcover, retaining walls, patios, water features, hardscaping and paving, along with the architectural features of your home. See more examples of our imaging results below.

We constantly see changes in home technology that save time, energy, and money. Many of them add beauty to our lives as well. The use of photo imaging software to provide realistic images of your new landscaped garden is one example of a technological advancement that will do all of these things for you. Before you make an investment in a comprehensive master plan for your Main Line or Philadelphia landscaping project, save time, energy and money by contacting Aardweg Landscaping to discuss realistic photographic imaging options.

Steve Aardweg of Aardweg Landscaping is certified by the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD).  Steve has been designing outstanding ‘Before’ and ‘After’ landscape transformations for over 35 years in Main Line and Philadelphia area communities. To learn more about photographic imaging for front yard and backyard designs, please call us at 610-355-0703 or email us using our Contact web form.

landscape-design-philadelphia-stone-wall-with-perennial-display-in-phoenixville-beforeBefore:  The clients in Phoenixville wanted a field of grass changed to perennial gardens with stone walls to give better visuals and to allow more level area close to the house.

landscape-design-philadelphia-stone-wall-with-perennial-display-in-phoenixville-afterAfter: Stone wall with perennial display,stone walls and walk in Phoenixville.


front-foundation-landscape-design-philadelphia-main-line-beforeBefore: Front foundation landscape design in Rosemont. The client wanted a make-over of their home’s front garden.


front-foundation-landscape-design-philadelphia-main-line-afterAfter: Front foundation landscape design in Rosemont. “Loose formality” was the style determination. The images got us all to a comfort level where the project was able to move forward.


landscape-design-main-line-paver-patio-courtyard-with-stone-wall-beforeBefore: Client had a complete make-over in mind for his back yard/pool area to make it more useable and beautiful,with maximum chill-out factor. Initially a master plan was requested, but after I sent this image to convey the 1st step, we began the make-over here. With their new kitchen finished (the area closest to the house) we were then free to implement the rest of the project.

landscape-design-main-line-paver-patio-courtyard-with-stone-wall-afterAfter: Proposed paver patio/courtyard with stone wall, shrubs and perennials for a relaxing back yard retreat.

Aardweg Landscaping is one of suburban Philadelphia's longest standing and most experienced residential landscape design and installation companies.  With 35 years of landscaping design experience in the Main Line area, owner Steven T. Aardweg  APLD, employs his horticultural expertise, superior design ability, and sensitivity to detail in every project. His is one of a small number of landscape companies in the suburban Philadelphia area to have a landscape designer certified by the Association of Professional Landscape Designers.  Possessing a broad and comprehensive knowledge of plants, Aardweg Landscaping designs and installations are ecologically sound and naturally suited to the southeastern Pennsylvania, Main Line and metropolitan Philadelphia environment.

Serving the Main Line, Suburban Philadelphia, and Tri-State Area

Aardweg Landscaping serves customers throughout the Philadelphia and Tri-State region, the Eastern and Western Main Line including Ardmore, Bala Cynwyd, Berwyn, Bryn Mawr, Devon, Frazer, Gladwyne, Haverford, King of Prussia, Malvern, Merion Station, Narberth, Newtown Square, Paoli, Radnor, Rosemont, St. Davids, SwarthmoreValley Forge, Villanova, Wayne, and Wynnewood. Take a look at our portfolio for work done in Montgomery County: Lower Merion and Upper Merion; Delaware County: Radnor, Haverford, Marple, Newtown and Edgemont; Chester County: Tredyffrin, Eastown, Willistown, E. Goshen, and Malvern. We also serve parts of Southern New Jersey and Northern Delaware.  Other areas are served that are not listed.

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